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Established since the early 2000s as part of Prudential Malaysia’s agency force, TRU Legacy has grown over time to be a steady and admired team of individuals who’s main mission is to ensure peace of mind for all Malaysians.. 

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Pernah terfikir bisnes apa yang boleh anda mulakan dengan modal yang sangat rendah, tanpa pengalaman, atau terpaksa mencipta produk yang unik?

Segala persoalan akan dijawab dalam sessi “Career Talk” kami.

Segalanya bermula disini.

Date: 8th April 2023
Time: 3pm
Venue: Homebaker @ Clover, Jayaone

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TRU Legacy is a business of embracing and celebrating empowerment. It is in our DNA to create meaning and value through our work. Lifelong learning is the hallmark of our culture and we intend to create generational leaders. We aspire to bring positive impact through our business. We turn impossible into “I’m possible”. With us, it is possible.

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On-Demand. That is our second nature. Fret not when it comes to planning for your health and wealth. We provide 360° strategic planning to absolve you of your worries. Life is simple, and we breathe simplicity. It is never too late to uncomplicate things.

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